Project Pteropus is grateful to the following generous donors for financially supporting the project:

1. The Rufford Foundation (GBP 4978 for operational costs in 2015)

2. Bat Conservation International (USD 4900 for operational costs in 2015)

3. Kay and Ian Arnold (RM4000/month for stipend and operational costs in 2013-2014)

Rufford logoBCI logo



Project Harimau Selamanya is grateful to the following partners, agencies, companies and people for their generous financial support. A BIG thank you from us all!


Woodland Park Zoo and Panthera






Grant Agencies

1. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

2. James Cook University

3. The Rufford Small Grants Foundation

4. Universiti Malaya

5. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Cleveland Zoological Society


7. The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

8. Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong









1. Lake Kenyir Resort and Spa (RM3000 to adopt two camera traps)



1. William F. Laurance

2. Kay and Ian Arnold (RM2000/month for operational costs)

3. Jeff and Nicole Ronner (RM1500 to adopt a camera trap)

4. Joelle Lai and friends from the National University of Singapore (RM1500 to adopt a camera trap)

5. Jade Ong and friends (RM6660 for general funds)

6. Alex  Teo (RM3000 to adopt two camera traps)

Apart from our volunteers, we would also like to thank these people for their “in-kind donations” (e.g., time, data, equipment, accommodation, food, advice, permits, logistics, etc)  for the Kenyir Wildlife Corridor Project (in alphabetical order):

Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz, Aida Elyana, Anuar McAfee, Azrina Abdullah, Boyd Simpson, Burhanuddin Mohd Nor, Carl Traeholt, Cheong Pui Keng, Christopher Wong, Dylan Jefri Ong, Elangkumaran Sagtia Siwan, Kae Kawanishi, The Lau Family (Auntie, Uncle Bo Ang, Ah Gu, and Ching Fong), Goh Suz Suz, Latif Jamaludin, Liew Thor-Seng, Or Oi Ching, Mark Rayan Darmaraj, Mohd Nawayai Yasak, Radzi, Ramy Bulan, Reena Raghavan, River Foo, Sara Sukor, Shariff Mohamed, Steven Lim, Surin Suksuwan, Suzalinur Manja Bidin, Tang Fook Leong, Wan Noor Shahida, Wong Pui May, The Yap Family, Yong Chiu Mei, Yusoff Shariff, Zul and Zulkifli Ayob.

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