Contact us


If you would like to get in touch with us, or would like to donate to our projects, please drop us an email at:

sheema AT rimbaresearch DOT org

reuben AT rimbaresearch DOT org

Please note that as a research group composed mainly of conservation biologists, our core work is conducting long-term scientific research projects in the field. Wherever possible, we try to work in partnership with other organisations to promote conservation within the scope of our projects. However, we do not have the expertise or resources to be in charge of community engagement, outreach/educational programmes, events, campaigns, training sessions, voluntourism, or urban projects. We also regret that we are currently unable to provide students with practical/industrial training, internship experiences or student projects to fulfill degree requirements. 


3 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Dear Reuben, Sheema and all at Rimba,
    I came across by chance and I thinks you have such a beautiful & educational site! Anyway, I am just writing in to say that I am a fan and support such efforts. Secondly, I will be jobless in a couple of months and if there is an opportunity to volunteer with Rimba and learn more about your work it would be such an honor.

    Great job and keep it up!


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