Contact us

If you wish to contact us please make sure you send an email to the relevant person! Official correspondence by snail mail can be sent to the following address:

3A-01A, Glo Damansara
699 Jalan Damansara
60000 Kuala Lumpur

If you would like to collaborate, volunteer, or donate to our projects, please email the relevant project leader. However, if enquiring about volunteering or job opportunities, please ensure that you read and adhere to the following instructions carefully:

Rimba would not be anywhere without fantastic volunteers. Due to the nature of our work – which tends to require either specialised technical skills or physically intensive fieldwork (or both) – we are ideally looking for skilled or experienced people who can commit for at least several months at a stretch. However, depending on our activities it may be occasionally possible to fit in one-off or shorter term volunteers, or perhaps work you could do from your desktop at home. So we assess volunteer applications on a case-by-case basis, based on current needs, situation, and the information you provide us about yourself. Rimba’s scientists can also provide reference letters or letters of recommendation (upon request) for successful volunteer stints.

If you want to volunteer with any of Rimba’s projects, please email the following information to the relevant project leader:

1) Background of yourself and interests

2) Which project(s) you would like to volunteer with

3) Amount of time you can spare, including your specific available dates/time period

4) Short CV, including skill sets or experience that would come in useful for the project(s)

Please note that as a non-profit research group composed mainly of conservation scientists, our core work is conducting long-term scientific research projects in the field. Therefore:

  • We do not work with captive animals, and are unable to provide advice on wildlife rescues.
  • We are not a funding body and do not function as a foundation; as such we are unable to provide funds or financial contributions for external projects.
  • Wherever possible, we try to work in partnership with other organisations to promote conservation within the scope of our projects. However, we do not have the capacity or resources to be in charge of student interns, community engagement, outreach/educational programmes, events, campaigns, training sessions, voluntourism, or urban projects.
  • Although we are normally unable to provide students with practical/industrial training, internship experiences or student projects to fulfill degree requirements, we will assess individual requests on a case-by-case basis to determine what fits in with our work and schedules. In such cases please do follow the same instructions as for prospective volunteers above.




6 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hi all at Rimba!

    I am attempting to create a bias file for mapping humpback whale distributions using MaxEnt and your tutorial would be extremely helpful – I wondered if you still make it available to readers (as dropbox is telling me the file no longer exists)? I would HUGELY appreciate the help!

    Thank you,

  2. Dear Sheema

    I came across your session on BFM on 8 Oct 2017 at 4pm which was relating to bats .

    My company has 60 plus durian trees which are about 25 years planted.

    You have indicated that you may like to conduct a research on bats and their role in pollenating durian trees .

    Would like to offer our plantation for your research and in case you should require any further assistance please contact me on my mobile 0129839222.


    Teh Foo Hock
    Chief Operating Officer
    TAHPS Group Bhd

  3. Dear Reuben, Sheema and all at Rimba,
    I came across by chance and I thinks you have such a beautiful & educational site! Anyway, I am just writing in to say that I am a fan and support such efforts. Secondly, I will be jobless in a couple of months and if there is an opportunity to volunteer with Rimba and learn more about your work it would be such an honor.

    Great job and keep it up!


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